Virtual Knit Togethers on Zoom

Virtual Knit Togethers on Zoom

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Tuesday 2-4 · Thursday 7-9 · Saturday 3-5 · Sunday 3-5

We've moved our shop Knit Togethers to Zoom! Knit Togethers are free to customers, so no need to register. Unlike other shops, we do not charge for attending Knit Togethers, but we do have a few rules so that everyone remains happy:

  1. Support our shop! See above where it said free to customers? That means you have to buy something from the shop. We are a small business in the middle of a pandemic and we wouldn't be here without your support. Buy some yarn, notions, or sign up for a class. While you are at it, go get take out from your favorite restaurant. Make plans to support other local businesses so they can survive this pandemic! 
  2. This is a safe space and hate speech is not welcome. Be kind. Intolerance will not be tolerated. Sounds like an oxymoron, but that's life. You can talk politics, but you can't talk hatred. Insurrectionists, stay home. 
  3. Bring whatever you're working on, chat about your latest projects, and join fellow makers for fun and community.  🌈 ✨

To join the Tuesday Knit Together, click HERE   Meeting ID: 955 1317 6715

To join the Thursday Knit Together,  click HERE    Meeting ID: 999 2162 8192

To join the Saturday Knit Together,  click HERE   Meeting ID:   993 4284 2454   

To join the Sunday Knit Together, click HERE  Meeting ID: 936 0677 0241