Soak Wash Unleash (8 oz)

Soak Wash Unleash (8 oz)

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***Limited edition of Soak Unleash is available in store on September 1st***

Back by popular demand! Unleash celebrates it's 10th anniversary with a limited edition re-release of the scent inspired by everything Ravelry.

First launched in 2009, Unleash is the Soak fragrance loved by knitters, crocheters and fiber artists. The 2019 limited edition run is the same delicious scent with a new label featuring Ravelry mascot, Bob the dog.

Unleash is a pure, delicately scented rinse-free wash, perfect for all those pet projects made with unconditional love. Unleash your creative juices with this sweet and spicy scent you’d follow anywhere.

Proceeds from every sale of Unleash will go directly to supporting Ravelry.