Cover of MDK Field Guide 15: Open
woman wearing the Mood Cardigan
Clerestory Shawl in red and worsted weight yarn
Clerestory shawl in fingering weight yarn
Aperture Stole
Tumbling Block Lace Scarf
Rib Lace Scarf in light and dark colors

MDK Field Guide No 15: Open

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MDK Field Guide No 15: Open explores modern lace. From the playful imagination of Jeanette Sloan come five patterns that let us explore the magical effects that come with simple lace techniques. The fun here is the variety of yarn weights and the gorgeous lace patterns—it all looks utterly fresh and clean. 

Designs include: 

  • Mood Cardigan - A brilliant cocoon design that allows you to wear it two ways
  • Clerestory Shawl - One design, two weights of yarn
  • Aperture Stole - So many possibilities! Experiment with colors, yarn and stitch patterns
  • Tumbling Block Lace Scarf - Perfect for a new lace knitter
  • Rib Lace Scarf - Great beginner pattern, for both worsted and fingering weight