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Milk Cow Pattern by Susan B. Anderson

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The Milk Cow Pattern from Susan B. Anderson is absolutely adorable and comes with an udder option.

Height: 7 1/2" tall (horns not included)
Length: 7 1/2" (from the nose to the back end)
Width: 3 3/4" (across the front of the body)
Circumference of the body: 14"
Circumference of the legs: 6" (at the bottom of the leg)

Worsted Weight Yarn (wool, cotton or blends will work fine):
150 yards in white or off-white
50 yards in black
20 yards in tan for horns
30 yards in pink for udder (optional)
30 yards in red for scarf (optional)

5 1/2 stitches per inch in stockinette stitch