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Fireworks 4 Day KAL

Olive Knits 4-Day KAL 🎆

We are excited to participate in the Olive Knits 4-Day KAL this year! Marie Greene started this KAL five years ago as a challenge to knit a sweater in four days- but it's really about connecting with a community of makers more than it is about making a sweater faster than you every thought you could :). And don't let the 4 day part worry you. We will be knitting this pattern through July (and if you're like me maybe into August!). We will be there for pattern support and encouragement throughout the process. This year's theme is a celebration of brighter days ahead and is appropriately named Fireworks 🎆

Olive Knits 4 Day KAL

    We've brought in sweater quantities of Emma's Drapey DK which we think will be perfect the this pattern, but any DK weight yarn would work well for this project. Here's a sneak preview of the sweater showing the fireworks stitch:

    Fireworks sweater for Olive Knits 4 Day KAL
    You can get more details on the Fireworks 4 Day KAL on the Olive Knits website.  We hope you will join us!
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