Brooklyn Tweed Dapple in Anchor
Brooklyn Tweed Dapple in Cosmos
Brooklyn Tweed Dapple in Blueprint
Brooklyn Tweed Dapple in Verdigris
Brooklyn Tweed Dapple in Canopy
Brooklyn Tweed Dapple in Seafoam
Brooklyn Tweed Dapple
Brooklyn Tweed Dapple
Brooklyn Tweed Dapple in Honeycrisp
Brooklyn Tweed Dapply in Medalion
Brooklyn Tweed Dapple in Blaze
Brooklyn Tweed Dapple in Petal
Brooklyn Tweed Dapple in Current
Brooklyn Tweed Dapple in Cerise
Brooklyn Tweed Dapple in Periwinkle
Brooklyn Tweed Dapple in Natural

Brooklyn Tweed Dapple

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Easy wearing with near-to-the-skin smoothness, Brooklyn Tweed's Dapple delivers as the perfect go-to yarn for buttery soft baby sweaters, summer shawls and all-season apparel. This woolen-spun yarn is a blend of 40% Texas organic cotton and 60% Merino wool from Colorado. The spring and bounce of plump wool anchors this 2-ply DK weight yarn, providing structure and memory to your knitwear. Concurrently, cotton’s smooth hand softens wool’s rustic texture, making Dapple a dream for those knitters who crave a downier feel.

Organic cotton slubs shine throughout, creating marled and richly tonal effects within the colorways. With saturation ranging from light to dark in hue, each skein is a unique iteration with no dye lots to coordinate, making every project truly one-of-a-kind. Dive into this inspiring playscape and embrace the creative possibilities of multifaceted color. Experiment with fades, ombres and nuanced, blended fabrics — let Dapple do the work.

Yardage: 50 grams / 165 yards

Fiber: 60% Merino wool / 40% organic cotton

Weight: DK

Suggested Needle Size: US 5 - 7


  • 5¼ stitches to 1"  |  Suggested Needle: 3¾ mm (US 5)
  • 6 stitches to 1"  |  Suggested Needle: 4½ mm (US 7)

The idea for Dapple is rooted in Brooklyn Tweed’s values of domestic sourcing and sustainable textile production. Organic cotton was the perfect choice for Brooklyn Tweed's first foray into natural fibers beyond wool. American cotton also has a complex history, which still reverberates today. Sales from Dapple will contribute 3% profit to the National Black Farmers Association in perpetuity to support farmers who have historically been excluded from land ownership. No complex issue can be solved overnight, but moving towards a more sustainable future is crucial to our values of domestic sourcing, equity and antiracism.