Cocoknits Kraft Bins in three sizes
Cocoknits Kraft Bin inside the Cocoknits Kraft Caddy
Large Cocoknits Kraft Bin with yarn in it
Small Cocoknits Kraft Bin with yarn
Cocoknits Kraft Bins in eco-friendly packaging

Cocoknits Kraft Bin

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The Cocoknits Kraft Bin is perfect for organizing your yarn, crafts, and really anything else that needs tidying - from toys to towels. Made of machine washable kraft paper fabric, Cocoknits Kraft Bins come in small, medium and large sizes. They’re sturdy enough to sit up, but collapsable when not in use. The bins have a 3" / 8 cm tab loop for easy hanging or grabbing off a shelf. The white color is ideal for dyeing and embellishing with embroidery or block printing. Each bin comes packaged with a scrap piece to test dyeing techniques.


  • Small: 7.5" / 19 cm diameter, 7.5" / 19 cm tall
  • Medium: 8.75" / 22 cm diameter, 10.5" / 27 cm tall
  • Large: 11.75" / 30 cm diameter, 15.75" / 40 cm tall

How to Use:

  • Store yarn: a sweater's worth in the large size or use the small size as a yarn bowl
  • Knitting projects large and small
  • Nest inside the Cocoknits Kraft Caddy, tote, backpack, basket, or a bigger bin for extra organization
  • Use it as a storage bin on a shelf, desk, or table in common areas and bedrooms
  • Hang on a wall to hold lightweight items
  • Test dye on included scrap piece, then dye the bin


Washing softens the material, creating a worn look, similar to leather. Machine wash on gentle in cool water. Squeeze and crumple while damp to encourage wrinkles and texture. Re-shape and allow to air dry thoroughly.

Looking for ideas on dyeing your Kraft Bin? Check out Cocoknit's Tutorial on Naturally Dyeing Your Kraft Bin with Avocado Pits