trio of fungis mushrooms embroidery kit

The Fungis Mushroom Embroidery Kit

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Are you lichen these fun guys as much as we are? Rosanna Diggs Embroidery created The Fungis Mushroom Embroidery Kit to teach beginners how to embroider with a fun design. Just add scissors!

This embroidery kit has everything you need to complete the shown The Fungis embroidery kit. Are you crafty? Can you follow instructions? Then you can do this! Every step of this project is well explained in the printed instruction booklet. The morel of the story? You can do it!

- quality 4” wooden hoop
- linen blend fabric
- plenty of DMC embroidery floss
- 2 needles
- water soluble pen (for tracing the pattern onto fabric)
- paper pattern
- easy to follow instruction booklet with color photos
- felt for backing
All this comes in a project bag to keep everything together (that also means minimal packaging)!

Made in United States of America