Introduction to Knitting 2: Oslo Hat

Introduction to Knitting 2: Oslo Hat

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Introduction to Knitting 2: Oslo Hat

Teacher: Kate Smith

$100 for four, two-hour sessions

Do you have a basic knowledge of how to knit and want to learn new techniques? Puzzled by patterns that call for two strands of yarn held together?

Join this class to receive step-by-step guidance on making the Oslo Hat pattern by popular Danish designer Petite Knit.

Topics covered in this class:
  • Understand weights of yarn, and what weight you get when use two strands at one time
  • Calculate how much yarn you actually need when a project calls for multiple strands
  • Combine strands of different bases of yarn (such as mohair and wool) to create a unique fabric
  • How to wind yarn hanks into cakes
  • Swatch in the round - save time and frustration by making and blocking a swatch
  • Choose a size in a pattern, and read a pattern that has multiple sizes
  • Knit in the round on a circular knitting needle
  • Create a professional-looking, triple-folded hat brim
  • Decrease your stitches evenly to shape the top of a hat
  • Use the Magic Loop technique to knit a small circumference (the top of the hat)
Students should already know how to:
  • Cast on (long-tail cast on)
  • Create knit stitches

Class materials

**Yarn for the class must be purchased at The Craftivist. Students receive a 10% discount on purchase of materials for the class.

  • Yarn
    • Wait to buy your yarn until AFTER our Day 1 discussion. You can buy yarn during that first class.
  • Needles
    • Two US 4 knitting needles: one 16-inch circular AND one 32 or 40-inch circular - wood or metal, interchangeable or fixed
  • Stitch markers
  • Darning needle
  • The Oslo Hat pattern purchased and printed out before class