Knit Togethers at The Craftivist

Knit Togethers at The Craftivist

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We will use your information solely to provide timely information about our classes.

We now have two types of Knit Togethers: In-person and virtual. In-person Knit Togethers will take place on Tuesdays 2-4, Saturdays  and Sundays 3-5. Virtual Knit Togethers will take place on Thursdays from 7-9. For important info about each, read below:

In-Person Knit Togethers - Tuesdays 2-4 - Saturday 3-5 - Sunday 3-5

In-person Knit Togethers have resumed and we are so excited to have ya'll back in the shop. Unfortunately, things can't be just like they were before-- these are new times and we've got some new rules designed to keep everyone safe and make our in-person Knit Togethers sustainable. Thanks for your understanding and help in following them.

    This is what's changed:

    • Registration is now required! Please don't register unless you plan to attend.
    • Knit Togethers are limited to 8 people
    • Proof of vaccination is required
    • Masks are required at all times
    • We love doughnuts as much as you do, but please refrain from eating and drinking in the shop at this time

    Otherwise, everything else is the same. Knit Togethers are still free. All people and all crafts welcome. Be kind! Introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you. So glad to have ya'll back in the shop  ✨

    Virtual Knit Togethers on Thursday Nights 7-9 pm

    Our Knit Togethers on Thursday nights will take place on Zoom from 7-9 pm. Bring whatever you're working on, chat about your latest projects, and join fellow makers for fun and community.  🌈 ✨

    No need to register- just join us! 

    To join the Thursday Knit Together,  click HERE    Meeting ID: 999 2162 8192