image of triangle weaving loom with hanks of yarn
completed woven triangle loom in blue and yellow yarn
small triangle loom example with bulky yarn
examples of painted looms for macrame
more examples of completed painted looms with tassels

Triangle Pop Out Loom Set

Regular price $50.00

Weaving on a triangle loom sparks so much creativity. This set from Black Sheep Goods comes with 5 different sizes and a fun center piece to paint and create a fringe or macrame project on. The possibilities are endless!

Sizes of each triangle loom are 12"x13.5", 10"x10.5", 8"x9", 6"x7", & 4.25"x4.75".

When popping out face the loom away from you and push until they have come disconnected. This helps prevent splintering, but the kit includes a piece of sandpaper, just in case. The loom is very durable and made with birch from sustainable sources, as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Made in United States of America