Let's Talk About Blocking

Let's Talk About Blocking

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Let’s Talk About Blocking! 

Instructor: Kate Smith

“Blocking” your swatches and projects is an easy way to level up your knitted and crochet pieces. It sets the final size of your project, evens out the stitches, and gives your work a neat and crisp finish. Join this one-day workshop to learn all about blocking techniques!

Bonus: After class ends, you can shop The Craftivist that evening and get 10% off any blocking tools!

This workshop includes:

  • A live wet blocking demonstration
  • Definitions of different types of “blocking” and when you might use those techniques
  • “Before and after” examples of what blocking does to fabric you create
  • Determining what water temperature to use, and what to add to your water
  • What surface to use to dry your project
  • How to speed up the drying process
  • Tools to shape your work
  • Superwash vs. non-superwash wool
  • How to avoid common issues, such as dye bleeding, stretching or felting your project, and more.
  • The importance of creating (and abusing!) a test swatch to learn how your yarn will behave when it’s in your project
  • How to wash your project after its first blocking

There are no prerequisites for this workshop, and nothing to buy to participate. Come with your questions, and maybe a way to take notes!


This class will be taught in person and masks are now optional. If community transmission rises we may encourage or require masks for the safety of our students and staff.  Please stay home if you are feeling sick! Thanks for your support and for helping to keep our community safe.